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targeting ambassador thomas pickering. pickers put together the state department report on benghazi, on that attack, but it wasn't good enough for the republicans. >> the review board report was not a substitute for adequate congressional oversight. and there were already questions raised, i have respect for ambassador pickering, but there were already questions raised, for example, eric nordstrom said that there were key decisionmakers that weren't interviewed by the arb. mark thompson, a top council terrorism official that was asked to be interviewed was not. i was interested to hear that they did not probe secretary clinton in detail, because obviously she was the decisionmaker at the state department. >> luckily for america, senator dick durbin was standing by to set the record straight. >> thomas pickering appeared on your show this morning. i wish he would have appeared at the hearing last week. he asked to be there. he should have been there. he's the most respected diplomat in washington. he, together with admiral mullen, went through a lengthy review of the security aspect
that charges of a cover-up are pure fiction. former ambassador thomas pickering who led the independent investigation into the attack, he joins me. plus, response from democratic senator and chair of the senate intelligence committee dianne feinstein. later our roundtable on the political impact of benghazi and the other news. the immigration fight, the economy as the stock market takes off, and the alarming number of sexual assaults in the military. what should be done? >>> from nbc news in washington, and the world's longest-running television program, this is "meet the press" with david gregory. >> and good sunday morning. the president and his administration under fire now on two fronts, news just this morning in the developing country over the irs targeting of conservative tea party groups. the associated press reporting this sunday that will senior irs officials knew of the targeting as early as 2011, contradicting recent public denials by the commissioner. in the growing consciousal investigation over the administration's response to the september 11th attacks in benghazi, libya
, ambassador pickering heard what the administration wanted to hear. the only under oath people i know about who have said what happened on the ground that day was, in fact, before our committee just on wednesday, and more importantly, you know, when "face the nation" had susan rice saying one thing and the president of libya saying just the opposite, that should have been a wake-up call, a real wake-up call that there was something wrong because we were effectively calling the president of libya either incompetent or a liar. either way, diplomatically, we went down the wrong road. you reconcile with the government that is hosting you before you go on national television and make that kind of claim. >> what is the big picture here? you're saying that administration officials are these political advisors to the president, are these nonpolitical appointees bullied the cia into saying what the political advisors in the white house wanted him to say? is that your charge. >> david, we're not making charges. >> you justified said. >> they had to back down from what they wanted to say and david pet
themselves by pointing to an investigation run by admiral mike mullen and former ambassador thomas pickering which told the world the benghazi chaos was, again, generated by lower level individuals. mullen and pickerring were appointed by secretary of state hillary clinton to do the investigation. but they didn't even ask her relevant questions let me understand what you are saying. >> sure. >> you had secretary clinton but you didn't ask her any questions and why not? >> because, in fact, we knew where the responsibility rested. she had already stated on a number of occasions she accepted as a result of her job the full responsibility. >> are you kidding me? the ambassador simply didn't do his job. he knows it. he is now hiding under his desk having received our invitation to explain. mr. pickerring has to know that anyone who really wanted to know the truth about benghazi would have have asked mrs. clinton a series of specific questions about the terror attack. anyone would have done that. but he didn't. so now we have three major incidents that reflect badly on the federal government. the
for more answers when we bring in former ambassador thomas pickering, who headed an investigation into the attack. we'll hear from two key senators, richard durbin, and republican kelly ayotte. we'll get perspective and a rare interview with former secretary of defense robert gates. and we'll talk with cbs news investigative reporter sharyl attkisson. plus, we'll have a special mother's day interview with author and poet maya angelou. this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: and good morning, again. ambassador thomas pickering is the one who led the state department'statedepartment's ino how those benghazi attacks were handled. mr. ambassador, you and i have known one another, and you had various posts in the government for membership, many years. you head the this investigation. but the three state department employees who testified this week were frustrated with the report. they had it was incomplete. one of them, greg hicks, even told investigators-- his words, not mine-- it let peopl
on the benghazi attacks. ambassador tom pickering for sworn testimony about their investigation. "meet the press" sunday pickering argued he's said all along that he will testify before the committee. >> ambassador pickering, his people and he refused to come before our committee. >> that is not true. i said the day before the hearings i was willing to appear. to come to the very hearings that he excluded me from. the white house told -- >> please don't tell me i excluded you. >> on sunday, senator john mccain repeated his call for a special committee to investigate, saying former secretary of state hillary clinton should testify before congress, again. >> i'd call it a cover up. i would call it a cover up in the extent that there was willful removal of information, which was obvious. it was obvious. >> now, there are two parts to the benghazi allegations. one the white house engineered a coverp and altered the talking points to protect themselves politically. the evidence to support that allegation seems to be fading as we learn more about the state department's role in changing the talking poi
. >> that's thomas pickering of course. front two, the growing scandal, i think a very big one over the irs and its targeting of tea party groups, targeting that may have dated back to 2011. >> do these people not remember the nixon administration? >> it's unspeakable and the president of the united states, the head of the administration, the head of this government needs to come out today and condemn this. >> joining me this hour a number of people. nbc news white house correspondent peter alexander, white house reporter for politico and richard wolf, executive editor of msnb we're going to get to everything. i think the irs is the big story. peter, i'm dismayed by the white house continuing to say a few bad apples out there in cincinnati when we're learning that it was washington, the irs itself, that ordered this review of these right-wing organizations. my question is can they isolate this to a few civil servants in cincinnati? or is this an irs-wide issue o an administration-wise issue? >> it appears the president's position is they want this inspector general's report, t
depositions from retired ambassador pickerring and retired admiral mullen. he wants to know who the pair specific to reach their conclusion that then secretary of state hillary clinton did not direct the response to the pair of nighttime attacks in libya. pickerring says there is no evidence that high-level state department officials were responsible but said bad decisions were made by lower ranking individuals. >> no one won the powerball jackpot but there is a ticket holder smiling big in the bay area. we tell you where a big winner bought a ticket. ought deadline that could determine where the controversial morning after pill will be available to young girl welcome back on this monday. voting continues in vallejo how to spend $3 million for neighborhood projects. residents can choose among 35 projects from street improvements and support for parks and schools and cultural projects. the vote is open to everyone age 16 and older. residents can go to vallejo city hall to vote. >> california began playing powerball a month ago and a player in petaluma is richer. a shell station on petalum
. >>> it all started when a trash picker in a slum used garbage to make instruments for the kids in this community. now meet the woman determined to turn the beautiful story into a film. >> i was hoping to be the messaenger that could bring thi out to the world. >> and a mama raccoon is separated from her babies. how an expert finally found them in that big wall. >> oh, we have a winner. it's a boy. >> about to witness the animal kingdom at its fiercest. we've got ourselves a leopard and we've got ourselves an impala, and they are dancing, my friends. this is a wrestling match and a lot of times it ends with the leopard on top. but keep your eyes close to this one. because that impala is quite a bit bigger than the leopard. you can see the leopard has like his claws and his jaws around the impala's neck. the impala is still maintaining, but watch how this thing ends. they tussle around on the ground. roll around on the ground, the impala trying to get this thing off him. oh, takes off, and breaks up. a rare happy ending. a lot of times when we see these videos we have to say what
, mullen, george bush's father who appointed pickering. you have all of these bush alumni looking at this benghazi thing, some of them either wrote the report that was critical of the state department as being trashed as part of the cover-up or people like gates and petraeus was obviously deep military background and they're all looking at this and saying what is this cover-up talk? what is this insanity? but you know, they have decided you know, pickerring is going to be thrown under the bus because this -- they are -- all part of the vast conspiracy, mullen is being thrown under the bus. so it doesn't matter if you're republican. doesn't matter if you're a four star general. it doesn't matter if bush appointed you you're all part of the cover-up. i sort of joked how brilliant was obama to pick all of these bush alumni to be the point people for his so-called cover-up? genius! >> gates said frankly had i been on the job at the time, my decisions would have been just as theirs were. >> stephanie: republican strategist claims benghazi much worse than 9-11. what now? it really is in
that then moved forward. >> bill: okay. you say, colmes? >> i said i had thomas pickering the ambassador who co-chaired the accountability review board with the chairman joint chiefs of staff mike mullen who said there was absolutely nothing that went untoward here in terms of the time they could not get help to benghazi quickly enough. one of the people who is going to testify tomorrow greg hits, deputy chief u.s. embassy did not tell him although now is he saying that he tried to get help from italy and he was denied or they were denied. the pentagon denied that now he is saying. >> bill: pickering former u.n. ambassador. he was appointed by hillary clinton by the way on the accountability review board not to impugn his honesty. >> he bunt impugn him either. >> bill: their report that he signed said that there was a systemic failure. >> right. >> bill: about leaving the facility in benghazi. what was that failure. >> told me there were four people who were at risk here at least who did not do the right thing. >> bill: what was the failure. >> he didn't say what the failure was. >> bill: why d
.n. ambassador tom pickering and the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen. today, the committee released a pair of letters they sent to these two men back in february, asking them to testify as witnesses, they declined. lou? >> they declined. and that's quite a reversal for elijah cummings, who at the beginning of this day was absolutely adamant in rejecting this hearing because he believed it was utterly and purely politically motivated. thank you, james rosen, outstanding reporting hroughout on this story. we appreciate it. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen. congressman trey gowdy as you heard in tonight's broadcast is one of the senior members of the house oversight committee. and he made this statement as today's hearing began. >> if anyone wants to know what differences it makes, if anyone wants to ask what difference does it make, it always matters. whether or not you can trust your government. and to the families, we're going to find out what happened in benghazi and i don't care whose career is impacted. we're going to find out what happ
department and congress. we'll have more on that from ambassador pickering in a moment. but in congress there is future roy over what "abc news" reported as is it revisions of the government e-mails that followed this attack. the e-mails chart an interagency process that saw references to an al-qaeda relateed group and the attack warnings removed from benghazi talking points days after the deaths. president obama did not agree when he addressed the issue today. >> they concluded that in fact, there was nothing afoul in terms of the process that is being used. suddenly three days ago this gets spun up as there is something new to the story. there is no there, there. >> john: but on sunday california congressman darryl issa who chairs the house overidentityoversight committee said the process had forced the c.i.a. to back off its claims. >> that's manipulating the c.i.a. >> john: because the c.i.a. is so easy to push around. on friday presidential press secretary jay carney insisted the white house role had been small. >> the only edit made by the white house or the state department to th
, after and during the attack thomas pickering was part of the panel that looks into it all. he joins us with his take. and a shocking pentagon report estimating more than 25,000 sexual assaults are committed every year in the military. >> this is not only a crime against a victim, this is a betrayal to your unit. >> the problem and the fix with two iraq war veterans now serving on capitol hill. hawaii's tulsy gabbert. and our panel on the irs, rand paul and hillary clinton. i'm candy crowley, and this is "state of the union." joining me now senator susan collins of maine. thank you, senator collins, for being here. here's what we know so far about the irs. we will have an inspector generals report some time next week. we'll told in that report will show an irs official has said in fact, yes, there was extra scrutiny or singling out of groups with the words tea party or patriot in it as far back as 2011 we are told. senior officials knew this at the irs and didn't tell congress. we are also told by the director of these tax exempt organizations inside the irs that this was done as a shor
, renewed questions after the questioning of ambassador pickering who headed the independent review, there are added questions about the sh let's say, the thoroughness of that process. we learned that not only was secretary of state hillary clinton not interviewed, who two top deputies weren't interviewed. there were no transcripts that people just took notes. >> what is the explanation as to why you wouldn't interview hillary clinton or her top two deputies when you're doing what is supposed to be an exhaustive report on this crisis? >> i interviewed ambassador pickering about this last week. he said, i didn't ask hillary clinton any questions because i didn't have any questions for her. he said that he felt that he had sufficient information by talking to other people who had been in meetings with her. but you would think, if nothing else from an optics standpoint, that you would question the secretary of state. after all, she testified before congress that she was directing the response, leading the response at the state department. >> this is what is happening here, mika, in bot
at the white house, cove but ambassador thomas pickering who oversaw the state department's own investigation the s into the attacks is standing by atta his assessment. assessme ambassador pickering defended defende his decision not to question then secretary of state hillary clinton as part of the state department's investigation into the attacks. the at >> i don't believe that it was necessary to do that.on't i don't think that there was re anything there that we didn't there t know. >> reporter: republicans say the white house did not disclose all of the facts. of the senator john mccain is pushing foe a congressional investigation. >> i would call it a coverup in the extent that there was wi willful removable of information that was obvious. >> reporter: at issue, why hy talking points went through a series of evidence, words like "ties to al qaeda" and "attack," eventually blaming it on violent demonstrations. a state accident official first gence off suggested the edits. an intelligence official tells cbs news that the cia agreed to them after a meeting
pickering. and admiral mike mullen found that failures were grossly inadequate security and the secretary of state, hillary clinton, grew impatient with republican lawmakers who feel that the lawmakers use the video excuse to hide the truth. but the benghazi attacks were terrorism. >> we have four dead americans. was it a protest or because there were guys going out for a walk. at what point does an eight? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again. reporter: one of the victims father's telling fox news that getting to the truth makes a big difference. >> credibility is the difference it makes. we have a rule that says if a person's testimony is proven to be false in any part, the rest of the testimony is to be disregarded on that subject. reporter: whether or not these hearings get us closer to the truth, we will have to wait and see. jenna: we will have to watch it together. jon: taking you to a news conference outside of the home of the sister of amanda berry, one of the kidnapped victims. let's listen to the head of the c
.n. ambassador, tom pickerring, co-chairs of the arb, the blue ribbon panel that reviewed benghazi for the state department. >> we still need to hear from pickerring and mullin and others. >> reporter: aides to general dempsey said senator graham can call on dempsey to testify but the remarks will not change. there was a pep talk from a well known figure who urged the republicans to esp subpee in suy clinton. >> what about witnesses next who we could hear from, realistically who we could hear from? >> reporter: you heard from the congressman there seems to be bi-partisan interest in hearing from pickerring and mullin. we know there are lawmakers and lawyers in the town said to be working with cia whistleblowers who are encouraged by what they heard on wednesday. >>> boston top's cop said his people had no idea russian authorities had concerns about one of the marathon bombing suspects prior to the attack. as chief intelligence correspondent kathryn he cathere reports, 12 years after 9/11, the stove piping of intelligence or lack of information sharing persists. >> reporter: the revelation that b
.n. ambassador thomas pickering, cochairs of the a rb, the blue-ribbon panel that reviewed and gusty to the state to private. >> you probably still need to year from pickering and mullen and others. >> reporter: now eight said senator gramm can call on the chairman to testify, but dempsey's remarks won't change spirit person to subpoena secretary clinton. former vice president. lou: who is likely to appear? >> as we have been talking about on this show last night and today, it does not seem to be a bipartisan push to here from ambassador pickering and admiral mullen. beyond that i can tell you that there are about a handful, fewer than five so far that we know about, cia whistle-blowers to have made overtures to lawmakers or to private attorneys to represent them. so it is likely, as you say, that we will hear from those people, the whistle-blower or from the head of the post benghazi review panel before we hear from secretary clinton. lou: thank you very much. fox news, chief osman correspondent. former secretary of state clinton becomes the focus of the benghazi investigators, we find compellin
of that months later after the election poor old tom pickering, 80 plus years of age coauthoring a so-called accountability review board report white washes the whole thing. tom pickering, sean, in 1983 to '85 was our ambassador in elal value voters dar. he was targeted for asass nation in elsalvador. we tripled the security for tom pickering. wouldn't you think he would say what happened to ambassador stevens was outrageous. i was protected, why wasn't he? none of that is in this report. >> sean: just like fort hood and overseas contingency operation there's is this -- >> don't forget the workplace violence. >> sean: workplace violence. the mysterious reluctance and resistance to just admit that there are radical islamic terrorists that want to kill us. now, in this case i think it is tied to the presidential andtion of barack obama barack they didn't want this two months after an election. >> and the total lack of human intelligence. we have become so dependent on technical intelligence that we don't have people on the ground who can tell us who of the good guys and who are the bad
in charge of an independent review of what happened, former ambassador too many as pickering and admiral mike mullen. >> ultimately if that got it right, then we can put this to a rest. we believe it was insufficient. we believe it is likely they did not interview all the people. we have a witness who says i want to be interviewed and i wasn't. >> this morning ambassador pickering said he will testify. >> i am willing, as i have said continually, to go to that committee. i had regrets about going there at first when it looked like this was an entire political circus. i have now made it clear that i am prepared as all the other witnesses have to appear before that committee. >> i want to bring in alexander burns. and ruth. do you think there is a strong argument that the accountability review board should have questioned, for example, hillary clinton? >> well, i don't know why if you're doing an accountability review board you are wouldn't want to make sure that you're covering all your bases and i don't really understand the argument about we had a discussion with her versus we interview
their statements for political purposes. >>> with us today, former ambassador thomas pickering who cochaired the independent review board on benghazi. >>> and the comeback kid. mark sanford celebrates his victory in the south carolina special election. >> i think this idea of redemption at large and political redemption i guess in specific is a process that's a day at a time. >>> good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. the crush of media proved too much for amanda berry after almost ten years held in captivity, so her sister briefly spoke to reporters instead. >> we appreciate all you have done for us throughout the past ten years. please respect our privacy until we are ready to make a statement. thank you. >>> but even as the women are celebrating their homecummings, a horrific picture is emerging. according to police, women say they were kept isolated from each other, locked in rooms. they also say they were raped repeatedly, multiple pregnancies resulting in miscarriages. gina dejesus says the ordeal began one day when she was walking home from school and a van driving a van asked i
post made permanent and ambassador pickering was surprised. he looked both ways to the members on the board asking if the seventh floor new about it. another factor in his decision was the understanding that secretary clinton intended to visit tripoli in november. thatckering was surprised his mission was to establish a permanent facility there? >> yes. >> that your impression? >> yes. >> will the gentleman yield? i just want you to say one reason the- the ambassador was in benghazi, at least one reason -- >> at least one reason he was in benghazi was to further the secretary's wish that the post become a permanent constituent post. also we understood the secretary intended to visit tripoli later in the year. tohoped she would be able announce to the libyan people are establishment of a permanent constituent post in benghazi at that time. >> thank you. >> will the gentleman yield? >> i thank the gentleman for yielding. we now go to the gentleman from georgia. >> thank you, mr. chair, and i appreciate it. it's been a long day and there have been some interesting thing said. some
that there was a vast cover-up involved was shut down by ambassador thomas pickering. he co-authored the most extensive independent investigation of the ben gausgh attacks. here's what he told andrea mitchell this week. >> i believe, in fact, the accountability review board did its work well. i think that the notion of, quote, a cover-up, has all the elements of pulitzer prize fiction attached to it. >> i play this because, danielle, that's an individual who looked at the facts and come to the conclusion there was not a lie nor a cover-up in this case. >> what's the cover-up? >> let danielle respond to that. >> you asked me a question. thanks. okay. i've known tom pickering for almost 20 years. tom was the author of that. he is an esteemed diplomat and a former foreign service officer. the bottom line is, they did not talk to gregory hicks, the det deputy chief of mission in baghdad. they didn't talk to the chief security officer. they were doing a job for the state department. he's very loyal to them. i appreciate that. i would also add that tom pickering turned down an invitation from the house of re
tom pickering said the idea of a cover-up is absurd. congressman steven king, republican from iowa, said it was bigger than watergate. and this is what james inhofe said. >> using the "i" word before too long. >> "i" word meaning impeachment? >> yeah. in all of the great cover-ups in history. the pentagon papers, iran-contra, watergate and all the rest of them, this is going to go down as the most serious, most egregious cover-up in american history. >> with all due respect, i think this is a serious issue. i will even give the president the benefit of the doubt on some of these things. we need a select committee. we need a select committee -- >> do you blame hillary clinton? >> i think the secretary of state has played a role in this. >> you think she had a role in those e-mails? >> she had to have been in the loop some way. but we don't know for sure. but i do know that her response before the foreign relations committee, who cares -- she says, who cares how this happened? in a rather emotional way. a lot of people care, i say with respect to the secretary of state. >> would you
oversight and government reform committee wants depositions from ambassador thomas pickerring and former chairman of the joint chiefs admiral mike mullen. the two issued a report as you remember finding sissatic failures in the state department. saying decisions about benghazi were made well below the secretary's level. issa says he will make a formal request on monday for sworn testimony from the and the admiral, harris? >> harris: steve, thank you. we just heard senator feinstein of california this is all basically political. >> even though f. those democrats are right, it doesn't training the fact that from the start the obama administration gave out wrong information from the public about what happened. this is why we care. it comes down to trust. was that a mistake or was it intentional? and there are other reasons why americans care about the government vent laying the truth on benghazi. first in the pursuit of justice, for the four victims, the truth is imperative. did our government try to help them or not? clearly, this was not some he protest gone wrong. so, were there signs, w
. that thomas pickering and retired admiral mike mullen not be taken behind closed doors as requested but be before the public if this is going to continue. >> keep in mind that pickering and admiral mullen did the only independent investigation to date. and then been yesterday on nbc, of course, chairman issa said they did not go far enough. they didn't interview enough witnesses and also really made some statements that i think were basically saying that they were dishonor to some degree. we've got, i think when you have a situation like this, you've got to bring those folks forward. the folks who did the report. who looked into this. and let them tell us what they found. and be given an opportunity to defend themselves. when it came time for the whistle blowers to come forward, i welcomed them. and by the way, if there are other whistle blowers, i welcome them, too. as a matter of fact, tamron, we had whistle blowers, one that came and he had no prior interview. we had not hardly any information about him and had never interviewed him. so if you've got the people who did this repor
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and it's useless. pickering and mullen, they should be awill shamed of the document. >> you are saying pickering and petraeus, all the bad guys? >> eric: i didn't put petraeus in there, you did. >> these people are great reputation. hillary clinton didn't have anything to say about security i was just listening -- i'm listening to you and people got fired on the basis of this report. >> kimberly: maybe additional people should be terminated permanently. >> dana: couple things two different time lines. there is the political talking point one where the state department spokesperson says this is going to look bad for us. we need to make changes and somebody does their bidding. let me just tell you. i had a job as press secretary but i wasn't that powerful. in communications you don't do anything like wholesale changing of a document like that without somebody in your leadership as they refer to in the email, somebody in the leadership was telling her to make the changes. then on saturday morning, the white house meets and gets totals. there is all that time line and get to the youtube vi
the americans in need. ambassador thomas pickering led the review of the the benghazi attack. >> our board felt nothing could have been done to relieve the initial attack. subsequent attacks took place beginning midnight but died out within an hour. i think within those time frames nothing could have been done. >> reporter: you can expect plenty of discussion about throws famous talking points susan rice used on five sunday morning talk shows suggesting an anti-muslim video was responsible for these attacks. alisyn: let's reach out to those talking points. five days after the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, u.n. ambassador susan rice said this ... >> what happened initially, it was a spoon taken was reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. people gathered outside of the embassy and it grew very violent. >> that moment was from fox news sunday, one of five sunday news shows. she went on to say the attack was not premeditated but it stemmed from protests against that antiislam film. one month later ambassador rice pointed a finger at the intell
by ambassador pickering and admiral mullen who happen to be the former chairman of joint chiefs of staff. in its investigation, the review board interviewed more than 100 people, reviewed thousands of pages of documents and viewed hours of video tapes. the board made 29 recommendations to improve security systems and procedures to prevent future deadly attacks. a key finding made by the board related to availability of funding. it was specifically for temporary facilities in high risk, high threat environments. the board stated, the department should develop minimum security standards for occupancy of temporary facilities in high risk, high threat environments and seek greater flexibility for the use of bureau of overseas buildings and operations, sources of funding. so that they can be rapidly made available for security upgrades at such facilities. it is important to note that the facility in benghazi was designated a temporary facility. mr. nordstrom, do you agree with the board's review? >> that was actually one of the specific things i talked with the board. my concern is there is no such t
in the field of national security. admiral mullen and ambassador pickering. that report contained within it a series of recommendations. every single one of which has been acted on or is being acted on by the state department and that demonstrates the seriousness with which we took the true issues here. also given the remarkable level of cooperation was demonstrated with congressional committees does far demonstrates for a place for this attempts to politicize this when i should not be the case. >> why do you think they're going after hillary clinton? >> i am not sure they are. i note in the report by the committee, chairman cases can india so liberally excluded democrats was highly partisan. it included a main allegation described by the "washington post" fact checker this way. quote, issa has no basis to show that then secretary clinton had anything to do with this case anymore than she approved property not to care. the odds are long that she ever proved resolve this memo giving us confidence his inflammatory and
by the pickering report on the indianapolis dent. systemic mistakes at the state department when it comes to the issue of diplomatic security. and this happened on clinton's watch. pure and simple. she's going to be running for president. her time at state is going to be an issue, the good, the bad and the ugly. and benghazi is going to be part of it. it doesn't take a political media genius to hear hicks's description of the phone call at 2:00 a.m. and see somebody attempt to resurrect clinton's famous 3:00 a.m. phone call on tv ads. benghazi probably won't haunt clinton in 2016 in a big way, but it may not ever go away. >>> breaking news for you. a live picture here of an empty hearing room on capitol hill. why is it empty? the senate environment and public works committee was supposed to meet at 9:15 to vote on the nomination of gina mccarthy to be the new administrate over at the epa. but reuters is reporting that eight republican lawmakers will skip the committee vote today. what that does, it blocks the nomination from moving forward. we'll have more on that as we learn more. >>> an
challenged hillary clinton's integrity, susan rice's integrity. mike mullen and tom pickering's integrity. it's a given that mine gets challenged by these same folks. >> joining me now for the daily fix, chris cillizza, msnbc contributor and managing editor of post and senior editor and kelly o'donnell. it was a defiant president obama today, let's see he used political circus, sideshow, and no "there" there. if there was any doubt about how the president feels about the benghazi probe coming from capitol hill, i think we now know. >> no question. chuck, contrast that to how he approached the irs story, the question was a two-parter, actually a three-parter. on the irs, these actions are outrageous, i will not tolerate it. on benghazi, clearly he, this is a digging in. this is, he does not think, he does see this as purely political by republicans. he does not, there was no apology for some of the discrepancy in the talking points, he dismissed as you used the words, he dismissed the focus on the talking points as a sideshow. emotional, i don't want to say angry. but clearly pert
clinton's integrity, susan rice's integrity, mike mullen and tom pickering's integrity. it's a given that mine gets challenged by these same folks. they've used it for fund-raising and, frankly, if anybody out there wants to actually focus on how we make sure something like this does not happen again, i am happy to get their advice and information and counsel. >> let's bring in our panel now. in los angeles, democratic strategist dob bob shrum for "t daily beast." and with us from the white house, msnbc contributor, jonathan capehart, opinion writer for the "washington post." john, the president was adamant today his administration was as transparent as it could have been in these first hours after bengha benghazi. as soon as they had more information, they released it. obviously none of this will satisfy his critics nor prevent such attacks in the future, will it? >> reporter: no, it won't. see in the president's face the moment the question turned from the irs to benghazi. his face pinched. he looked at the reporter with what i describe as a death ray glare. when it comes in this i
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and that is where a cherry-picker at a construction site apparently overturned, trapping at least one worker underneath. now as we understand it, that worker fortunately has been freed from that site. i believe the gentleman that you can see being loaded into the ambulance right now is the man who was trapped. a cherry-picker overturned in brooklyn at an area, to many new yorkers is well-known. belt parkway area, is a major, major thoroughfare in the brooklyn area right there. you can see part of that cherry-picker, this video i believe is just a little bit earlier where you can see that overturned that happened at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. we'll keep you updated with developments. >>> he is one of the terror suspects in the boston attacks but investigators can not ask him what. could the time he spent oversees and possible jihadist activities provide clues. >>> we have flooding in the midwest but these pictures are from a completely different region in the country. we'll tell you where it is and why it is getting very dangerous very fast. at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything fr
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